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Opening a branch in the USA

There is no better way to deal with the American market than to open a branch in the United States. A branch allows the Italian parent company to act and earn as a Distributor, learning about the reality of the American market first hand, to protect brand image, manage strategy locally and ensure that proper attention is devoted to its products or services.

The steps in founding a branch:


  1. We form your corporation in the United States and make it able to operate according to the local laws.
  2. A Global Export Network partner takes charge of the company’s representation as its legal reference point for the federal and state authorities in the US, acting as guarantor for the Italian side of the Board of Directors.
  3. We provide training to our staff and yours to be able to work effectively and without language or personal problems.
  4. We create the basis for the Business Development structure
  5. We research and train one or more vendors, supporting them afterward in all administrative aspects in compliance with the legal formalities. We assist them in communicating with Italy also as interpreters of two different cultures that sometimes collide, creating misunderstandings and possible discontent.
  6. We keep the Italian company, its parent, informed about everything that happens with the progress of the company’s financial operations in the United States.
  7. We participate in the assessment of results and in any review of strategies, when necessary, for achieving the preliminary targets.
  8. If the customer decides to move its production site to the US or to create a new production site, we also do the paperwork and follow up on the production relocation.

Domiciliation and administration of the branch

The American Platform is created through the formation of a legal entity (company), a physical entity (office, dedicated staff) and a virtual entity (office accessible online with password). This service includes specifically:

  • incorporation of the American company,
  • opening a current account with an American fiduciary bank
  • delivery address, dedicated phone line,
  • receptionist, customer service, order processing
  • Billing, Accounting and Fiscal Management
  • Contracting
  • Online Virtual Office

The Online Virtual Office is meant as the opportunity, through a gateway, to access all the records at all times that characterize the activity of the branch. The Virtual Office holds the customer’s operating business plan, updated on a quarterly basis with new results obtained, their legal documents, financial and business reports with sales progress on the budget.

Complete branch management


    • MANAGING DIRECTOR- MEMBER OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF THE COMPANY. This is the appointment of a GEN partner assuming the position of directing the company
    • SALES FORCE ORGANIZATION. This service is divided in three different ways (Agent, Vendor, Business Development Gen. Manager) to meet the needs of companies of different sizes and at different stages of development in the export process.
    • ORGANIZATION OF TRADE SHOWS. We provide organizational support for participating in trade shows. The service includes:
      • reserving space and completing the related paperwork
      • making reservations for travel from Italy and locally
      • finding interpreters
      • organizing meetings with potential counterparties
      • assistance in customs formalities
    • USER MANUALS. Use and maintenance manuals in the US are normally more complex than those in Europe, as they must contain a number of warnings and comments designed as disclaimers for the manufacturer’s liability. We work with the company for the review, layout and printing.
    • MARKETING, COUNSELING, COMMUNICATION AND CONTACT MATERIAL. We work with the company and its suppliers to adapt the contact material for sales and marketing operations, and if necessary we provide trusted suppliers (both in Italy and America) to create it.

We deal both with offline and online corporate image and communication. Below are some examples of our services:


  • Labels and Brand
  • Website
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Catalogues, Brochures, Presentations
  • Product List and Prices
  • BACKGROUND AND CREDIT CHECK. These let you know about the professional and personal history, solvency and credit and borrowing status of potential business partners, service providers and employees as well as customers.
  • CUSTOM NEWSLETTER. Includes quarterly updates with market trends and other general information of interest to the industry

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